Interviewed by Hasan Shaban Al Lawati – Times of Oman.

“Journalist Antonella Appiano is dedicating herself to tackling the misrepresentation of Arab and Islamic culture in the Western society, by sharing a beautiful gallery of Oman’s nature, and ‘real’ stories about its religious tolerance. ”

“The independent researcher, analyst and writer, told the Times of Oman in an exclusive interview that after covering the war in Syria and refugees’ conflict in Iraqi Kurdistan, she has finally found a home in Oman.

“Appiano revealed that she will soon launch her new interactive e-book entitled, “Syria calling”, which will be available for online purchase from April 28 in English and Italian.”

➥ #OmanPride: Italian journalist showcases Oman’s beauty, tolerance
Hasan Shaban Al Lawati,  April 11 2016 – Times of Oman