A modern nomad is generally someone who decides to live constantly changing locations, switching from one place to another not having a permanent address and possessions. A modern nomad moves, through the world, guided by instinct, and watching for serendipitous opportunities. However, being a “real” Nomad is difficult. It is a big chang to live without a home, in a traditional sense, and quit a permanent job for a temporary one.

But you can be a modern nomad also travelling in a nomadic style, travelling light or, even, with a one way ticket, without prejudices, and with the desire to know other places, cultures, and other people. Or living just for a while in a foreign country like a local, and really experience the country and the culture: a nomadic lifestyle is a challenge that opens the mind and the soul.

Being a modern nomad is a state of mind. It means independence and freedom. It means new experiences. It means making connections. It means having opportunities and also experimenting with one self.

The very important thing is to refuse to adopt the same sensations, thoughts, and clichés. The most important thing is to have the desire and the curiousity to address issues and situations with openness, with a willingness to discuss, and new critical perspectives. The very important thing it is to try to understand the world and the others. Being a modern nomad also means to believe in multiculturalism, in dialogue between civilizations and religions.

In this way you have the opportunity to experience a variety of beliefs, and the ability to pick up foreign languages, different foods and learn from people what they do and how they think. You can take the best of the people, cultures and countries around you in order to build yourself. You can encounter a lot of people and develop your relationships in the world.

Finally, “travel and live not to escape life, but for life not to escape you” (cit) and you can be a real modern nomad.